About Wealth Synergy


I had had a tough time running an MLM program. We had been there for months, my team had worked very hard but we had little results to show for it. Though I earned, I wasn’t happy because my team members hadn’t earned because of a difficult matrix system. When I heard about Swissgolden, I was angry! Angry that such a company had been existing for 4yrs and I was just getting to know. I could not sleep! I stayed awake almost throughout the night pondering on how to amplify Swissgolden. The next day I started looking for angry people too like myself. Wealth synergy is made up of angry people, people who are not satisfied with their situations, people who will not continue to leave their lives in the hands of chance, people who are ready to do whatever it takes to see a change of their financial status, people who are tired of being poor, people who want to sack their boss and people who want to see their dreams come true. Wealth synergy is made up of people who have channeled their anger into positive thinking!

If you are angry too, this is a place for you! Wealth Synergy started as WhatsApp group on Januaray 17th 2017. By February 28, the WhatsApp group was already full to maximum capacity. We had to open more WhatsApp groups and a Telegram group. We also created a Facebook Page and a Facebook (closed) Group. By March 1, 2017, we started registration into Swissgolden and in 7days, we had created our first millionaire. In another 4days, we had created another millionaire with several many closing their prelim table to enter the main table. I am not sure anyone has ever done that in Swissgolden.


The team spirit in Wealth Synergy is unfathomable as we work together as if we had known for many months. We all worked together to make sure the team is making progress. How come we are able to do this?

1. Wealth Synergy takes care of all her people equally! If you are a member at wealth synergy, be sure you will earn. We work hard to make sure everyone registered with us earns. If one person does not earn, everybody does not earn. If one person earns, everybody earns. Wealth Synergy is a moving unit!

2. We initiated and originated the Merged Account System (MAS) where people who cannot afford the original €220 can have an account with less. We found out that a lot of people already knew about Swissgolden but they could not join because of the high registration fees. With our MAS, we were able to give hope to the ones who could never have been able to afford an account at Swissgolden. If Wealth Synergy could do this for them, the least that could do was to give their very best back to team success.

3. Swissgolden introduced a Start Program in March, our MAS beats that Start Program hands down. With our MAS program, you even earn more while paying little. We are even a step ahead of Swissgolden herself. .


The Admin team headed by Olatunde Adu (Perezadu) is made up of a super dynamic team members. The Admin team was formed ON THE JOB! It includes men and women from different locations in Nigeria, who nevertheless give their unwavering support to the success of the team. The admin team is incredibly unusual. The following members (in no particular order) form the reason why Wealth Synergy has gotten this far: .

1. Olatunde Adu
2. Abiodun Falana
3. Hilda Ajayi
4. David James
5. Bodunde Daodu
6. Vivian Azuwike
7. Ogbevire Brian

8. 'Kome Vreno
9. Ima Tom Hedges
10. Henry Nwagbo
11. Odogwu Chiemeka
12. Johnson Agada ⁠
13. Stephen Oke
14. Felicia Adube



You are welcome! Our greatest work is to make sure you earn. What’s in it for us? We earn as you earn. Join us and let’s make history together