From Zero To Hero!!!

I really want to appreciate God for this great positive turn around, because without Him, this won’t have been possible. Thank you Lord!
My sincere appreciation goes to Olatunde Adu (chief admin). He’s one in a million! His transparency and sincerity humbles me. He’s a young man with such a good heart. May God continue to increase u in all ramifications of ur life.

Leaving my job last year was as if the world has ended. The stress was more than the money ( I cannot come and die)! This actually brought me into the world of MLM.

The first one I joined was icharity. The outcome wasn’t good at all, but I didn’t give up. I later joined happylife leverage where I met Olatunde Adu.
He told me about swissgolden one night in January. He sent the video, but I didn’t watch it when he mentioned the price. I just thought there’s no need to watch a video of something I can’t pay for. The money was like 135million when he mentioned it. I told him I would have loved to, but the registration fee was the barrier. He didn’t give up, but rather, he encouraged me that I can get the money if I want to. I told him to add me to the group hoping that something will come up. I bless that special night he told me about swissgolden!

I had less than 50k in my account then. With the aim of increasing the money, I started hopping from one ponzi scheme to another.
Hmmmmm! The money I intended increasing all went into ponzi. I cried my eyes out.

I told few of my friends about swissgolden, if we can contribute and own an account. Money couldn’t allow one to partake. The other didn’t believe in it, he said it’s a scam and warned me not to partake.

On the 24th of Feb, that was my birthday, and it was few days to the commencement of swissgolden registration. I told God, if it is your will that I should have a financial turn around this year, then provide swissgolden registration fee as my birthday gift.

My friend in the US sent me some money. I was so happy. I borrowed the remaining to meet up with the registration and today all that is history!!!
Wealth Synergy has changed my story. Now I can get a standard business location, set up my business as a fashion designer and bead maker, cos I didn’t want just a shop. Do a whole lots on my instagram and Facebook pages. Every hidden plans concerning Pebbles & Rubies Couture will now come to the limelight.

Who says Wealth Synergy (Team Eagle) is a scam! I’ll advise you shut your mouth and join the “LAZY PEOPLE” as we’re fondly called, then reap the fruit of such “laziness”

Early this year, I was a borrower, but today I’m a lender! I’m a millionaire in 34days!

Wealth Synergy is a BAE!!!
Bukola Ogunkunle
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