Terms & Conditions



At anywhere the acronym AAT is used, it means Authorized Admin Team!
1. Wealth Synergy is NOT a company, it is a team of young people who are determined to use the SwissGolden Gold Marketing Platform to make money and better the lives of EVERY MEMBER.

2. Wealth Synergy is committed to making sure that all registered accounts of every member in Team Wealth Synergy will be provided with downlines that will ensure every registered member earn money from SwissGolden referral system.

3. The registration for SwissGolden Preliminary Table is €220. The Naira conversion is not fixed, it is subject to the contemporary exchange rate at the forex market.

4. To register your SwissGolden account, you are to send your money to the AAT (Authorized Admin Team) who will use your money to purchase coupon(s) that will be used to register your account.

5. Registration will be based strictly on first come/first pay, first served. There will be zero-tolerance from members (of Wealth Synergy) who may be trying to lobby for favours from any member of the AAT in terms of registering him/her ahead of people who entered our system before him/her. We champion an impeccable integrity, you will not be granted any such favours!

6. Wealth Synergy will not account for any Payment or transaction between members of Wealth Synergy. Such payments and transactions will fully be accounted for by the parties involved.

7. Wealth Synergy will not account for any Payment or transaction between members of Wealth Synergy and any unauthorized admin member. Members can only Pay money or perform other transactions with the Authorized Admin Team. Please contact the Chief Admin for Authorized Admin Team.

8. Authorized Admin Team will have access to everyone’s account. This is because AAT will be responsible for registration of downlines under each account. Therefore, account owners should not change their passwords when the accounts are still at the Preliminary stage.

9. Account owners are free to change the password of their account(s) when the account(s) has upgrade to the Main Table. This is because AAT will not be needed to register downlines at that stage. Downlines from Preliminary Table will automatically follow the accounts to the Main Table and everywhere else.

10. Every account owner is required to upgrade his/her account as at when due for upgrade. Here are the points of upgrade:

a. When you have completed your Preliminary Table, you are to Upgrade to the Main Table (This will be done by the AAT)
b. When you have earned your second N1.1Million, you are to upgrade to the VIP Table. This will bring about your account earning at both Main Table and VIP Table at the same time…more money for you!
c. When you have earned your second N4.6Million at the VIP Table, you are to upgrade to the VIP Plus table. This will ensure you are earning at both the VIP Table and the VIP-Plus Table.

11. For single account owners, you are to register a new account immediately you earn your first N1.1million. i.e. You must indicate that your name should be added to the List again for fresh registration


MERGED ACCOUNTS (Merged accounts are accounts two or more people paid for)

1. Merged accounts are initiative of Team Wealth Synergy as a way of helping people who are not able to afford the required €220. Hence, merged accounts are not recognized by SwissGolden.

2. For the purpose of security, login details of Merged accounts will not be disclosed to members of the merged account. This is to prevent the possibility of any member running away with other people’s money.

3. Merged account will be opened in the name of one of the members of the Merged account, but this does not make him/her the sole owner of the account. The account will be co-owned by the members of the Merged account until the account ceases to exist OR STOPS EARNING.

4. Authorized Admin Team (AAT) will be responsible for the sharing of funds among members of Merged accounts based on how much each person donated. Sharing of funds will continue till the VIP-Plus after which the account will not earn again.

5. The first earning from Merged accounts will be used to purchase coupons which will be used to open new accounts for individual members of Merged accounts. The remaining money will then be sent to these new accounts where the owners of the new accounts can withdraw directly into their local Naira accounts.

6. Login details of accounts created from Merged accounts will be handed over to their respectful owners as they are now single accounts.

7. Administration of Merged account will continue to be the responsibility of the Authorized Admin Team (AAT) until the VIP-PLUS Table where the Merged accounts will no longer earn.

8. WhatsApp mini-groups will be opened for individual Merged account which will contain 2, 3, 4 or the 5 members of the Merged account and a few of the AAT. This is where members of the Merged account will be getting regular information about their accounts i.e. how much the account has generated, how much each member gets etc.

Thanks for your time.

Autorized Admin Team
Wealth Synergy